If you are reading this either you or a close friend or family member has been arrested. While the worst of this nightmare is over, - i.e. being placed under arrest, fingerprinted and having your “mug shot” taken – what lies ahead is almost equally humiliating and gut wrenching. I strongly urge you not to face this challenge alone. Please do not compound one bad decision with another. Secure legal counsel as soon as possible.


Most DUI’s fall into one of two categories. (1) I only had three or four beers, or I only had two glasses of wine, I don’t think I was impaired! or, (2) I had no business on the road, I was smashed, I don’t know what I was thinking.


Regardless of which of these two comes closest to describing your situation, do not think that there is not anything that can be done, or that you can go it alone. While you are always free to represent yourself, it invariably proves to be a mistake.




If I was intoxicated, why should I still get a lawyer?
Should I go to trial?
How soon should I hire a lawyer?
If I am found guilty, or enter a guilty plea - will I go to jail?
How much will this cost me?
Why would I have to go to court so many times before my case is heard?


Case Evaluations

You can have your case evaluated in short order, by completing the enclosed questionnaire and forwarding to my office. I will gladly call you at the time best for your to discuss your options.