Injured Workers in the State of Georgia have certain rights and privileges afforded them under the Law. However, it is important to note that the laws that govern work related injuries are substantially different from those of the normal personal injury action. In my twenty-five years I have learned that the average worker does not fully comprehend what rights he or she may have, and to be frank, what limitations there are in connection with any work-related injury. The purpose of this Wed site is simply to offer you a brief oversight, and assist you in your decision on whether or not you should secure legal counsel to represent you in your workers compensation claim. The comedian, Jerry Seinfeld once said that life is like a huge board game, and only the lawyers have read the rules on the cover. Workers Compensation law is governed by a strict set of State Board Rules and laws. Be sure you have read those rules. If you have not, please find a lawyer who has.


What is the difference between a Personal Injury claim and a Workers Compensation Claim?
How does the lawyer get paid?

If I am entitled to benefits, shouldn’t the Insurance Company pay those attorney fees?

The above information is simply offered as a brief oversight as to the Workers Compensation System, and to answer a few common questions that you might have. A far more definitive Web site is available at the State Board of Workers Compensation and that site is